Superyacht worth $30Mil reveals to be owned by a young man known as the ‘Golden Bull,’ an ex-account intern and now Binary Options trader.

(Singapore City) –A super yacht named the ‘The Golden Bull’ that has been spotted in the Marina Club in Sentosa Cove has been catching the eyes of many people with its extravagant parties, champagne showers on deck, and sunbathing supermodels. It has also been sited anchoring at some of the most luxurious destinations like Abu Dhabi, Fiji, Hong Kong and Sydney. The lavish yacht is rumored to have cost $30 million and has aroused many growing speculations about the owner’s identity.

Although the yacht is very eye catching with all the parties and people on it, the real interest was drawn towards the yacht’s owner, a young man in his 20’s who apparently runs his own business while living on the yacht. When taking a look at the young owner, you would be surprised how such a young man managed to amass such large amounts of money.

After trying to gain information about the owner’s business, a few of the local crew members mentioned they signed Non-Disclosure Agreements but, were willing to tell us that it must be a financial business due to the number of screens with financial charts on them in the owner’s office.

It turns out that the owner, who requested to remain anonymous, is one of the leaders of the binary options trading revolution that is taking over the world.

Extravagant parties with celebrity DJs entertaining guests during a sunny day on the Golden Bull’s deck. Guests are drinking expensive champagne and diving into the big blue off the super yacht near Cape Town.

Up until today, there was not a lot known about this wave of new millionaires. Most of them are making their millions while working from yachts, super penthouses and all sorts of luxurious places all over the world, sharing the secret to riches on private invite-only chat groups and forums. The Golden Bull kept himself away from the spotlight and maintained a low-profile as much as possible, but was not shy to buy luxury goods and spend a fortune on things that everyday people will never buy. He is no different from the pack of binary options traders, trying to remain in the shadows while having as much fun as they possibly can. The Golden Bull attracts a lot of attention, which according to him is bad for business but, good for fun. His goal is to make money in order to spend it simply because he already made his retirement millions after 1 year of trading. He states, “I do this now because it’s easy for me, I have a system that tells me where to look and where to find good investment options, not because I need the money.”

There are numerous rumors lately about people making huge sums of money trading binary options. The Golden Bull is real proof, as he’s not just another “rich kid” buying expensive cars with his Daddy’s money, but a regular person who was an accounting intern just 4 years ago, and made millions trading binary options all by himself.


An office to envy. The Golden Bull makes millions trading binary options from his office on the yacht while makes voyages to exotic places. The $30Mil Golden Bull is a classic style with a touch of modern.

Binary Options are certainly not a new thing; they have been around for ages. However, they were traded mostly within the banking sector, and just recently the simplicity of trading binary options became available due to systems like the Golden Bull has used in his early days. Up until now, there were beliefs that trading binary options required specialized training and skills, which is true if you trade with no software and make decisions on your own. Horningwever, in the case you have the correct tool combined with an honest binary options broker, you’re already half way there. This allows almost anyone to take advantage of this amazing financial tool to make profits trading binary options – and the rest is history.


Supermodel guests sunbathe on the front beam of the Golden Bull’s mega yachting, getting a bronze tan

So, are binary options-owned super yachts going to be docking Singapore’s ports? It’s not that simple apparently. There is one big catch: Not all Binary Options Broker are giving access to these trading tools because people were making a massive profit with the tool’s help in predicting successful outcomes. Because these tools have the technology to accurately predict the financial market and inform traders that they can make huge earnings, many brokers removed offering these trading tools leaving many traders to come up with their own strategy. It’s still possible to generate a lucrative income, but it takes much more time to understand the financial market and involves a higher risk. Trading tools include risk management because they inform traders about the decisions they are about to make and the outcome of the investment. This allows a trader to control his potential to generate as much money possible in the short-term and long-term as well.


There are many platforms you can trade binary options with, but only this broker is offering the special tools that ensure profitable trades. It’s no surprise since it’s one of the first and biggest brand names in the Binary Options industry. Due to the vast popularity and accuracy of its tools, it’s no shock that many seek to use this broker’s platform. However, because people can create a very high income – even millions – like in the Golden Bull’s case, this broker only works with a certain amount of trading accounts. If there were unlimited openings and everyone was becoming millionaires trading binary options, the economy would collapse, and the labor workforce would be non-existent.


The Golden Bull showcases his new luxury watch on Instagram after admitting “I make money to spend money”. After a week of successful trading, he treats himself with expensive high-end products.

In order to validate the Golden Bull’s claims, we also interviewed David (fake name), a Binary Options trader from Serangoon, who started trading binary options just a few months ago. “I didn’t have any idea what I was doing; I just opened a free account and got accepted, and also emailed their customer support asking for help to understand what to do. I got a call from the broker who told me very simply: ‘If you have no idea how to trade, use this tool moderately in the beginning and see how it goes.’ I was expecting to make just a bit of cash so that I could take my wife on a small vacation, but I never expected to make such large sums of money so quickly…” stated David. The money just kept piling up and in a matter of days, my account had almost $5,000 in it. I let it run up until I reached around $20,000 , and that’s where I decided to cash out. I booked my wife and me, first class tickets to Tahiti that month. This was the start of a love story (with binary options, not only my wife, he adds laughing). I decided to quit my day job, since trading Binary Options seemed a lot easier to do and more rewarding. I could finally have the financial freedom I was hoping for, and now I am in the process of buying a bigger house,” explained David. He further expressed, “I am thankful that the broker accepted me as a trader, and I would certainly recommend it.”

We asked, “Do plan on buying a super yacht soon?” David replied, “No. I’m not a fond of the sea, to be honest; I’d rather get a Maserati. All I ever wanted was a steady income and more time to do what I love in life. That’s the freedom I got by getting accepted to trade binary options.” David wouldn’t reveal how much money he has made, but his success is obvious.



Countries plan on banning the trading of binary options for people trading from home because “too many people making these large amounts of money investing in binary options could crush banks and the economy”.

Binary options trading is clearly a very good way to make money from the comfort of your home. However, there are a few difficulties. First, it’s hard to find a broker that will accept new traders and provide them with good software for trading. And governments are the second biggest obstacle, who will eventually restrict this profit-making method to avoid losses for banks and the crush of real-estate markets. If you think about it, they are right. If everyone invests their money in binary options, who will develop the economy and real-estate?

It will, however, take some time until they are able to shut down the investments on binary options for the public. Until then, people will still use this “financial loophole” to make money, which will at some point be also channeled to develop the economy. So there is also good news with this.

Before you sign up, a disclosure: Not all people end up with millions like the Golden Bull did. He did make millions trading binary options, and he does live a dream life, however, some people could make less than that. For instance, you could make $3,000 your first month of trading binary options, more or less, but even this could help you reach your financial goals. We won’t promise that you will become a millionaire trading binary options, but we are preparing another big article on the subject, and we would like to hear about how much money you were able to make after signing up with the broker. Please tell us how much money you were able to make in your first month of trading, and what you decided to buy with that money.

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Golden Bull spotted jet skiing. The Binary Options millionaire enjoys playing with his rich water toys after a day of trading.

The initial $250 deposit is like an “online wallet,” and you can withdraw this amount whenever you want. You can also invest any amount on top of that. The bigger your investment, the more tools and assistance you will receive from the broker, and of course, you will also make more profit by doubling your investment with winning trades. Once you make your initial investment, you can immediately begin trading. For example, if you think the price of Apple’s stock will go up, you place a trade clicking the “Up” arrow. Then you just wait for the outcome to arrive.

But here is a little tip – if you email their support team or call them after making your initial deposit, asking for automated trading tools, they will provide you with tools that can help you make these decisions quickly. This is exactly how guys like the Golden Bull did this, they didn’t spend all their time in front of the computer trading, they just used automated tools to aid their decision making and help them perform quick trades when the market had good opportunities.

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UPDATE: June 2017… After numerous requests from our readers, we decided to add a simple and descriptive way to sign up with this broker. Please note only a limited number of people will be accepted to trade with real money on any given day. Please do not email us asking if we can help you get accepted, as this is the broker’s regulations. If you are not accepted, please try again at a later stage.
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