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We live in a society that scrutinises body and weight at every turn. With billboards, reality tv, music videos, and red carpet events, we get bombarded by images of trim, glamorous celebrities, our supposed role models of beauty. Aesthetic preferences are bound to develop and vary from culture to culture, but this tendency becomes dangerous when people’s health and well being are put on the line due to feelings of shame and inadequacy. These celebrity diets and weight loss tricks are particularly troubling and should not be accepted or adopted just because the person behind it is a supposed “culture maker.”

The bottom line: Find the courage to love yourself; do what feels right for you and seems healthy and acceptable overall; and whatever you do, don’t take any tips from these celebs:

#1 Christian Bale ‘Extreme’ Skinny Diet


Often in the case of shocking celebrity weight fluctuation, the person may be gaining or losing in order to fit a certain role. Perhaps for the sake of art extreme body alterations are acceptable? It seems hard to believe in the case of Christian Bale, normally a healthy 6′ and 185lbs. His disturbing loss of 63lbs for the lead role in The Machinist was apparently attained on an apple and a cup of coffee a day.

#2 Jessica Alba’s ‘Painful’ Double Corset


You’ll recognize the dewy and beautiful Jessica Alba from films like Sin City and Good Luck Chuck. She is naturally petite and small-boned, but there was much speculation over her speedy post-pregnancy weight loss. All was revealed, however, in a recent interview in which Alba confided her secret: She wore a double corset day and night for three months. Imagine how uncomfortable that would be after being pregnant for nine months!


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#3 Lady Gaga’s Weird Drunken Diet


Lady Gaga is the contemporary female icon for bizarre fashion and body manipulation. She has experienced considerable fluctuations in weight over her diva career, and has been vocally criticized for it by the media. Her latest diet? The so-called “Drunk Diet.” Labeled “drunkorexia” by critics, this party lifestyle is perhaps a ‘great’ way to loose weight and have liver failure at the same time.

#4 50 Cent’s Full Liquid Diet


Similar to Bale’s situation, rapper 50 Cent lost nearly 55lbs in order to play the role of a dying cancer patient in Things Fall Apart. He reportedly achieved the weight loss in nine weeks by drinking only liquids and running on a treadmill for three hours a day. This kind of rapid loss can have a lethal effect on a person’s heart, which frankly doesn’t seem worth it in the name of art.


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#5 Anne Hathaway’s Starvation Diet

Anne Hathaway attends the 'Les Miserables' after party at the Camden Roundhouse in London

In most recent news, Anne Hathaway quickly lost 25lbs for her role at Fantine in Les Miserables. Normally lanky and curved, Hathaway is said to have eaten just two small squares of oatmeal paste a day, and she even confessed to starving herself for days at a time to achieve the right effect. In this case – in fact in Christiane Bale’s and 50 Cent’s as well – the effect is to look like someone miserable and on the verge of death, something no one should ever aspire to.