Older folks continue to show that you can do anything at any age. From flying upside down in an airplane to getting behind the wheel for drag racing, age is just a number for some thrill-seeking grandparents especially for these 10 cool grannies who celebrated their birthdays to the extreme!

If you were to live to be 100 years old, how do you think you would celebrate? Well, Georgina Harwood decided to celebrate her birthday in a rather unusual way: by skydiving in Cape Town, South Africa. Of course, this isn’t her first time jumping out of a plane. In fact, she started skydiving when she was 92 years young.

Her family and friends watched from the ground as she plummeted toward Earth at 125 mph. The fearless granny is seen grinning as she took her tandem skydive.

“It was wonderful, it was exhilarating,” the great-grandmother told The Associated Press after successfully landing the tandem jump.

After the jump, she shocked her family, when she proceed to celebrate with a glass of champagne toasting to her wonderful instructors and her loving family who’ve supported her daredevil antics. For Harwood, the celebration has only just begun. The 100-year-old’s next adventure will be shark cage diving! She’s truly an inspiring woman, teaching us all to live life to the fullest.

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