1. When he hasn’t answered your text for 10 minutes:

2. When he hasn’t answered your text for an hour:

3. When he plays with your hair (without you asking):

4. When he’s on your to-do list:

5. When you’re on his to-do list:

6. When someone flirts with him while you’re standing right there:

7. When you send several detailed texts and all you get back is a K:

8. When he ditches you to play FIFA with his friends:

9. When you have no idea what the hell he is wearing:

10. When you get dragged to a party you didn’t want to go to:

11. When you’ve been discussing where to go out to eat for over an hour:

12. When you’re wondering wtf could possibly be more interesting than you:

13. When he caught up on your show without you:

14. When you fear for your life in the car but you’ve promised not to backseat drive:

15. When you remember how well he cleans up:

Damn, boy.

16. When he doesn’t notice your new haircut:

17. When you beg him to see the latest Nicholas Sparks movie:

18. When you couldn’t agree any less but know how to choose your battles:

19. When he randomly sends you a sweet text:

20. When he grows out his facial hair and thinks it looks great:


21. When you’re dreaming about the next time you see each other: