Random women were asked to tell us their best tricks for saving money on hair and makeup. So here’s how you can spend less cash and still get what you want. Be prepared for the best tricks, you’ll be amazed.

1) Cut open tubes and bottles to scrape out every bit of product.

“It’s so surprising how much is left over even though it will no longer come out. I scrape all I can out of the packaging to put off buying more and tossing away stuff I could have used!”

2) While you’re shopping online, leave items in your cart overnight.

“Add your things to your cart then leave them there without checking out. A lot of times the company will send you a ‘reminder’ that you have items in your cart along with a discount or a freebie added on to encourage you to purchase what you were already going to buy anyway!”

3) Get your hair cut at a professional salon school.

“Ask for a senior stylist about to graduate. Not only will the haircut cost a fraction of the price you would pay at a similarly high-level salon (I pay $22 a cut), but the stylist will often be more cautious, careful, and responsive to your needs because they have more at stake if they mess up.”

4) Mix your foundation with lotion to make it last longer.

“I use a higher-end foundation because I have sensitive skin, but I mix it with lotion. It makes the bottle last a lot longer and it looks really natural.”

5) Get double use out of your beauty products.

“Buy items that you can use for multiple purposes. For example, oils can be used as moisturizers for hair and skin, for oil-cleansing, and deep-conditioning. Many cheek stains can be used for lip color, too.”

Source: Lifestyle Hacker