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Some celebs take it a little too far and prettify themselves in very odd ways. Bird poop (yes, Victoria Beckham is an offender) and snake venom (Gwyneth Paltrow uses it as a Botox supplement) are just some of the things these people we love have actually used as part of their beauty regimens. Scroll down to see more of the weirdest tricks our beloved celebrities used in the name of beauty!

#1 Gwyneth Paltrow uses snake venom as Botox supplement

This is really strange, but according to The Daily Mail, celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow and many others use venom as an anti-aging treatment. When a snake bites you, its venom paralyses your muscles. Well, some Swiss scientists realised that venom acts as a Botox-like substance because it literally shocks the wrinkles out of you. So they created a venom synthetic. Even actor Debra Messing uses an eye cream that contains snake venom to iron out her wrinkles. The poison in it is said to relax the muscles around the face and eyes, a bit like a lighter form of Botox.