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Yesterday Alton Brown stopped by Lifestyle Hacker to answer a series of hard-hitting questions.


Some questions were food-related, some were TV-related, and some were absolutely ridiculous and related to nothing really. But, seeing as the best-selling author and James Beard Award winner has been a television personality for over 15 years, he has a quip for just about everything.

1. Cheese or chocolate?

2. Sandwich cutting: diagonal or down the middle?

3. What’s your dream sandwich?

UhmmmÄ Explain?


It’s a bacon, avocado, sardine, ham, mustard, and melted cheese sandwich on a mix of sourdough and rye bread ã multiple slices of each, it looks like ã plated with pickles.

4. What’s the one junk food you could never give up to be healthy?

And how do you take that, exactly?

5. What’s the first dish a cooking beginner should try and master?

6. What’s your favorite pattern for a bow tie?

7. What’s the weirdest piece of non-kitchen equipment you’ve ever used to cook?

8. What’s your favorite TV show of all time?

Alton Brown: Wow. Of all time. Out of any TV show?

Lifestyle Hacker: Do we need to rephrase? Should I rephrase the question?

AB: Do you want to rephrase?

BF: I would feel comfortable rephrasing.

AB: All right, go ahead and rephrase. Because we’d be here a while. I’d have to make charts. There would have to be some kind of formula.

OK, rephrase: What’s the TV show you most love to binge-watch?

9. Who’s the most talented chef, dead or alive?

10. What’s your go-to chef’s knife?

11. Besides a chef’s knife, what’s the most important kitchen tool?

12. Who’s your celebrity crush?

All right, enough with the tough questions. Time for the WORD ASSOCIATION Lightning Round!


13. Avocado


14. Beyonc_

15. MSG

16. Voldemort

–No, WAIT.”

–He’s got all that power and can’t make a nose. What’s up with that?”

17. Vegetarian

18. Gluten-Free


19. Culinary school

*Editor’s Note: Both Lifestyle Hacker Life editors involved in writing this post attended culinary school. As did Alton Brown.

20. Glitter

lol, actuallyÄ


21. David Chang

22. Drones

23. Mayonnaise

–You didn’t say it had to be a real word. This is a combination of wonderful and revolting.”

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