Angry mom doesn’t have time for daughter—then on Xmas, cab driver teaches her valuable lesson

This ad made for Christmas sends a powerful message about balancing work and family. Be prepared to see Santa do the unthinkable.

Santa Claus is normally portrayed as a jolly and chubby man, but not in this Christmas advert made by the Credit Bank of Moscow.

After receiving a letter from a lonely little girl, whose sole wish is to spend time with her busy working mother, Santa is willing to take drastic measures to show the mother what the true meaning of Christmas spirit is about.

Santa’s method may not be orthodox, but he’s able to get his point across.

And although the ad features the relationship between a mother and her daughter, the problem they faced is one applicable to millions of families around the world. In our daily hustle and bustle, we often forget what matters most.

Let’s not forget that time—once passed—never comes back.