Note: This quiz uses Emojipedia for all definitions. (No cheating!)

  1. 1.
    1. Foot In Mouth Face
    2. Grinning Face
    3. Grimacing Face
    4. Grinding Teeth Face

    Grimacing Face

    The Grimacing Face is defined by Emojipedia as –A grimace emoji, showing bared teeth, usually for when a mistake or unfavorable situation has arisen ã aka •eek.’”

  2. 2.
    1. Hallelujah
    2. Raising Both Hands In Celebration
    3. Double High Five
    4. Raising The Roof

    Person Raising Both Hands In Celebration

    The Person Raising Both Hands In Celebration emoji is defined by Emojipedia as –Two hands raised in the air, celebrating success or another joyous event.”

  3. 3.
    1. Boiling With Anger Face
    2. Steaming Mad Face
    3. Sneezing Face
    4. Look Of Triumph Face

    Look Of Triumph Face

    The Look Of Triumph Face is defined by Emojipedia as –A face with air coming out of its nose, seemingly in frustration.”

  4. 4.
    1. Fireworks
    2. Sparks
    3. Bang
    4. Explosion
    5. Fire
    6. Collision

    Collision Symbol

    The Collision Symbol is defined by Emojipedia as –a symbol that represents a crash or collision.”

  5. 5.
    1. Shocked Face
    2. Drunk Face
    3. Dizzy Face
    4. Astonished Face

    Astonished Face

    The Astonished Face is defined by Emojipedia as –an astonished face, with a wide open mouth, gasping.”

  6. 6.
    1. Shooting Star
    2. Space Travel
    3. Dizzy Symbol
    4. –The More You Know”

    Dizzy Symbol

    The Dizzy Symbol is defined by Emojipedia as –a symbol used in comics or other visual mediums, indicating that a person is dizzy.”

  7. 7.
    1. Silly Smiley Face
    2. Savoring Delicious Food Face
    3. Horny Face
    4. Goofy Smiley Face

    Face Savoring Delicious Food

    The Face Savouring Delicious Food is defined by Emojipedia as –a friendly, goofy smile with tongue hanging out the side of the mouth.”

  8. 8.
    1. Anger
    2. Many Emotions
    3. Synergy
    4. Confusion

    Anger Symbol

    The Anger Symbol is defined by Emojipedia as –A shape used in comic books to indicate a punch landed, perhaps next to the words –Bam” or –Pow”. Used for impact.”

  9. 9.
    1. Sleepy Face
    2. Single Tear Face
    3. Drooling Face
    4. Sick And Sad Face

    Sleepy Face

    The Sleepy Face is defined by Sleeping Face Emoji, this sleepy-face emoji features a snot bubble coming out of the nose which is used in anime and manga to indicate that a character is sleeping.”

  10. 10.
    1. High Five
    2. Prayer
    3. Folded Hands
    4. Please / Begging

    Person With Folded Hands

    The Person With Folded Hands is defined by Emojipedia as –Two hands placed firmly together, commonly used to represent praying hands in western countries, while originally meaning please or thank you in Japanese culture.” This definition is widely discussed and likely always will be so use this one as you see fit!

  11. 11.
    1. Weary Face
    2. Distraught Face
    3. Wailing Face
    4. Somber Singing Face

    Weary Face

    The Weary Face is defined by Emojipedia as –A distraught-looking Emoji with an open mouth, and crescent shaped eyes. Appears to have given up.” I REPEAT: Appears to have given up. This is the saddest, most despondent emoji of them all. May you never need to use it.

  12. 12.
    1. I’m Sorry
    2. Bowing Deeply
    3. Cute Boy
    4. Respect
    5. Massage
    6. Push Ups

    Person Bowing Deeply

    The Person Bowing Deeply emoji is defined by Emojipedia as –A person bowing deeply, with great deference and respect for the person the bow is directed at.”

  13. 13.
    1. Hair Flick
    2. Sassy
    3. Sarcastic
    4. Information Desk Person
    5. Bellhop
    6. Cute Girl

    Information Desk Person

    The Information Desk Person is defined by Emojipedia as –An information desk person, iconically represented in the Apple emoji artwork as a girl holding out her hand as if she were a waitress carrying an invisible tray of drinks. Often used for a variety of other interpretations, such as sassiness or sarcasm.”

Can You Match The Emoji With Its True Meaning?

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  2. You’re Pretty Educated In The Ways Of Emoji

    You either don’t use emojis enough in your daily life or just don’t seek out the true meaning of them. Study your Emojipedia and open your mind to its knowledge.

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  3. You Know The True Meaning Of Emojis

    You clearly know how to use emojis in your everyday life and have much success in doing so. Keep up what you’re doing and start reading up on the 250 new emojis coming to your phone soon. Good job!

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