Halo Brows Are Latest Ridiculous Online Trend

Halo Brows Are Latest Ridiculous Online Trend Halo web@hannahdoesmakeupp/Instagram

Once make-up bloggers have covered the normal bases, where else is there to really go?

It turns out, it’s drawing random shapes on your face and connecting them to your eyebrows before naming them #[insert insane idea] brows.

I suppose in the sea of bloggers, you’ve got to do something to maintain some relevance and this time, it’s with ‘halo brows’.


Beauty blogger Hannah Lyne, who seems to have invented this questionable look, wrote on Instagram:


Hannah also came up with something called the ‘triple brow’ – because one on each side isn’t enough apparently.

The strange brow trends don’t end there, with each new season, some millennial blogger finds a way to alter your eyebrows for the occasion.


Yep, they made their eyebrows into Christmas trees. I’m out.

2017 also served up Nike ‘swoosh brows’ which I think are worse than the Christmas bauble brows becau…WHY ARE WE EVEN HAVING THIS CONVERSATION.


Makeup artist Huda Kattan, who boasts a staggering 22 million Instagram followers, shared a snap of the brows, effectively ruining 2017.

She wrote:

La nueva moda #nikeeyebrows #nomames

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Now, I love McDonald’s as much as the next man, but quite frankly, I would never think about getting eyebrows drawn on to mimic their trademark two arches.

Well, that’s another eyebrow trend sweeping the web. Some people are even colouring their eyebrows in yellow to complete the fast food fashion look.

If the trend makes you want to frown and get angry at the state of fashion, then bust out those eyebrow pencils and rectify it right away into the arches.

Basically, ‘McDonald’s brows’ are achieved when the fashionista makes their existing brows invisible using powder and concealer, then painting on faux brows as high as possible to mirror the iconic golden arches.

All jokes aside, nobody thinks this is serious and it’s a laugh but…


Something about the McDonald’s brows seems just that little bit worse to me, compared with the Nike. Though they’re both abominations, McDonald’s brows seem extra capitalistic.

Thanks 2018, hopefully by the end of the year it’ll still be acceptable to have normal eyebrows!

Maybe it’s just me being boring and we should just draw lines all over our bodies and connect them to our brows?




credits to: https://www.unilad.co.uk/