His Wife Decides To Make His Wish Come True. Now Watch Grandpa’s Reaction

The adorable grandfather in this video has been BEGGING his family for an English Bulldog puppy for as long as he could remember. He may be a grown man, but there was no way his wife was letting a dog in her houseand every husband knows, she’s the boss!

With a little bit of convincing from the rest of her family, the man’s wife finally caved. There was no way she was going to let him grow old without giving him his lifelong wish.

Bringing a new dog into your family is a very big decision that everyone should agree upon before taking action, but as you can see, it looks like this pup will receive a lot of love from Grandpa and the rest of his family.

Grandpa’s big surprise made for such a touching family moment caught on camera. The reaction on this old timer’s face says it ALL!

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