How Attentive to Detail You Are?

Look at this picture of the castle. You need to find the 10 objects that don’t belong there. You have 1 minute. Go!

If you have a problem looking for the objects, here are a few hints:

  1. A different name for a head;
  2. Protects you from bad weather;
  3. A night hunter;
  4. Sports equipment;
  5. It gives milk;
  6. What a woodcutter uses;
  7. 2018 Chinese zodiac animal;
  8. Has a mane;
  9. A reptile with a long body. Can be poisonous;
  10. Cowboys have it.


1. Skull; 2. Umbrella; 3. Owl; 4. Ball; 5. Goat; 6. Axe; 7. Dog; 8. Lion; 9. Snake; 10. Gun.

Source: Brightside