One Man’s Inspiring Post-Accident Journey Proves Overcoming the Odds Is Possible

This is the inspiring story of a man who battled back from a near-deadly car accident only to fall prey to painkiller addiction, before making a life-transforming change.

Denny Chipollini was in a car accident 29 years ago.

“[I] ended up hydroplaning into a guard rail, guard rail came through the car, put this leg—my left leg—on the dashboard,” Chipollini reveals in the video report.

His left leg was severed and doctors fought to save his right one.

And while they managed to save his other leg, doctors told him he would be unable to walk unassisted.

“They said you’re never gonna walk again without the use of some apparatus like crutches or a walker or whatever, but I just looked at the doctor and said ‘You wanna bet?’” Chipollini said.

But while Chipollini’s physical recovery was incredible, even running triathlons and becoming a fitness trainer, he became addicted to painkillers.

“I needed more and more and more to the point where what I was taking, up until a few months ago, could have killed most people,” he said.

In the video, Chipollini reveals what he’s done to kick the habit and how he’s taking control of his life.