An Oxford University student who was ‘too bright to be jailed’ for stabbing her Tinder date boyfriend with a breadknife has failed in an appeal against her sentence.

Lavinia Woodward, 24, admitted unlawful wounding at Christ Church college while drunk.

Judge Ian Pringle QC gave her a 10-month jail sentence – suspended – and said at an earlier hearing immediate custody would damage her career prospects, reports the BBC .

He described Woodward as “an extraordinarily able young lady” and said sending her to prison would damage her hopes of becoming a surgeon.

Woodward avoided jail for stabbing her then-boyfriend with a breadknife (Image: PA)
A judge caused controversy when they said she was ‘too clever’ for prison (Image: PA)

Woodward appealed her sentence but yesterday a judge at the Court of Appeal after reviewing her application denied her permission.

However she can still apply to have her case heard by a full court of two or three judges.

Woodward attacked her then-boyfriend, whom she met on Tinder, while he was visiting in December 2016.

She became angry when he contacted her mother after discovering she was drunk.

Despite avoiding jail, Woodward still appealed (Image: Facebook/Lavinia Woodward)
She faces disciplinary procedures at Oxford University when she returns (Image: Facebook/Lavinia Woodward)

In his sentencing remarks Judge Pringle said there were ‘many mitigating features’ of the case, and she had shown ‘a strong and unwavering determination’ to rid herself of her addictions.

Woodward has voluntarily suspended her studies at Oxford until the end of her sentence, when she will face a disciplinary procedure if she decides to return.