She Bends Down To Feed Her Puppies. When She Stands Up OMG! It’s Adorable!

If this puppy pinwheel doesn’t cheer you up, then nothing will!

In the following adorable video posted to YouTube by Robert Gann, six adorable newborn Scottish Terriers show off for the cameras and do the most hysterical thing when its time to eat. The breeder in the video, who wishes to remain anonymous, didn’t disclose much about the precious Scottie pups except for their names: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Nigel and baby girl Anneliese, and the fact that all the puppies are spoken for. Dang!

The cute pups love their goat’s milk and create the hilarious pinwheel by moving around in the same direction when they drink their milk. It’s also pretty funny that all of their tails point in the opposite direction that they are moving.

Now didn’t think funny video just make your day?! This is the BEST!!!

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