When You See What This Big Dog Is Afraid Of, You’ll Be In STITCHES!

Usually when people see big dogs, they assume they’re fearless. Whether it is pit bulls, or just big dogs in general, people may think they’ll be aggressive, but if you’ve ever owned a big dog, you know that they can be just as sweet and, sometimes, timid as little dogs!

Max the Siberian Husky is the perfect example of this. When the adorable dog notices the children’s Furby doll in the living room, he freaks out. He isn’t sure to make of him and starts barking. The husky doesn’t realize just how weird Furby dolls can be! We can’t say we blame him. Those little dolls are a little creepy.

His owner started to take a video but had to stop when it became apparent that Max was going to bark until the talking Furby doll met its demise.

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