Why Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is all rage in beauty products?

The ‘Aztec’ clay mask has been around since the early 2000s, at least on Amazon reviews. And it comes in a low-key white tub with a label that doesn’t even scream vanity table-material.

But, this product is highly rated as it is said to be the best-selling beauty product on Amazon. This mask has also frequented many skincare articles and reviews through the years, earning its status as a “cult” product.

So, the current hype on this wondrous mask is quite a mystery to us. Suddenly, the ‘Aztec’ clay mask is selling out everywhere, and local online retailers are tripling its price! Naturally, we just have to find out what this miracle product is all about, so, we tried it with vlogger Angel Dei.

Source: abscbn